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R3 PRO baitboat

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R3 PRO baitboat is the new boat from AIGAIO RCB which is characterized as the completely complete boat for freshwater fishing


R3 PRO baitboat is the new boat from AIGAIO RCB which is characterized as the completely complete boat for freshwater fishing

The innovative design of the R3 PRO combined with its comprehensive equipment and innovative functions is the ultimate tool that the angler asks for in freshwater fishing!

R3 PRO  is equipped with a multi-function remote control with a maximum range of 500m, which provides the operator with the possibility of absolute control of the boat such as speed, course, selection of unlocking of the two unhooking mechanisms, control of lighting, manipulation of bait containers, etc.  But this what makes R3 PRO radio control stand out from the rest of the other boats on the market is its color LCD screen with the built-in fishfinder and the automatic navigation unit with GPS!

The radio control of R3PRO  provides to operator the ability to visualize the composition of the water bottom, the depth as well and fish, it also has the ability to monitor the course of the boat, the speed, the distance from the shore or from the stored point, the compass, water temperature, the release system and lighting status indicator, coordinates, battery status but at the same time the operator has the ability to mark and save up to 900 fishing spots! So the boat can automatically proceed to one of the 900 saved spots without the operator doing anything at all! Of course the boat has the ability to automatically return to shore with GPS by pushing a button

The hull of R3PRO is a tri-maran made of high quality and durable ABS plastic which provides the possibility of unique stability in sailing the boat, but at the same time a large payload which can reach 6 kg!! Motors of R3PRO provide to boat quiet operation even at maximum speed and economy in battery consumption. The shafts are made of 5mm, zero maintenance, stainless steel and  propellers are fully protected.

The R3PRO is equipped with two 2 x 20000mAh lithium batteries which provide a long autonomy which can exceed 4 hours of continuous operation!





  • Full colour handset

  • Outstanding customer reviews

  • Joystick controlled handset with integrated GPS and Sonar/Fish finder

  • 500m Range, 100ft Sonar Depth, 900 GPS points location storage

  • Handset info water temp, air temp, distance from home and to stored location, battery power

  • Dual electronically controlled independent hopper release, 6kg bait capacity with auto close

  • 2 Independent hook release mechanisms

  • Auto & built in safety home function

  • 2 Year warranty, UK based support

  • Trimaran hull, built with tough & durable ABS process

  • Speed control, 1-2 m/s

  • Boat comes with heavy duty camouflage carry bag & high quality tripod

  • 4-6 Hour run time – 12v 18ah Lithium battery * 2

  • Dimensions 69cm (L) 44cm (W) 26cm (H)

  • Available in Black, Carbon or Blue

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος 15 kg
Διαστάσεις 76 × 52 × 49 cm
Extra equipments

Fish finder, GPS Auto pilot, GPS Auto pilot & Fish finder, No