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P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop is something different! It is the boat that does not accept compromises and is ready to do its job under any conditions!

The two Brushless (three-phase) motors with a total power of 1800 watts in combination with many technological innovations that equip the P4 Aegean Gps Twin Prop become the ultimate tool in the hands of its operator. The specially designed polyester hull offers absolute stability in all weather conditions with low and high speeds offered by the two three-phase motors of the boat.

What sets the P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop apart from the other boats on the market are the numerous technological innovations that equip it. The P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop is offered with two three-phase water-cooled motors with a total power of 1800 watts which are controlled by two respective water-cooled Speed ​​Controllers 90 Amps. Auxiliary power unit 8 Amps (UBEC) for powering the receiver and servos. SPU accumulator control separation unit which has the ability to isolate the respective battery in case of failure of one of the two engines, thus enabling the normal operation of the boat and its safe return to shore.

Two separate waterproof servos 6.5 kg of torque, are the ones that control the two respective rudders separately. Also each rudder is controlled separately by the SPU unit, in this way the uncontrolled condition of the rudders in case of failure is avoided!

P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop boat is equipped with LED lights which are positioned so that it is powerful enough to make very easy night operation. Also the deactivation of the lights is controlled by the RC.

The remote control of the P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop is equipped with a screen and there we have the ability to see the battery voltage of the boat as well as its range. Also with the help of the GPS automatic return unit GPSF the boat can return automatically to the shore with the push of a button.

The batteries of the P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop are lithium technology with a total capacity of 22,000 mAh which in combination with their low weight, long life and digital speed control are the key to the great autonomy of the boat offering the fisherman the ability to throw up to and 10-14 baits at 300 meters with one charge!

Another important aid is the new LBF* visual alert system. The LBF* in combination with the digital GPSF multi-control unit, monitors the status of the boat’s battery and when it reaches 50%, the boat’s lights flash. Thus the operator, with the above visual alert, has total control of the battery since he is aware, even at a great distance from the shore, of the state of the boat’s battery.
A device that can be installed on all our models and of course on the P3 Aegean GPSF is the G-Box
Thanks to the new innovation from AIGAIO RCB, you have the ability to monitor from the screen your remote control, the distance of your boat from the coast, the coordinates where it is, the course in relation to the compass, the battery, the power of the remote-control signal, and much more! And you can see all this for any remote-controlled boat you own! (See more about the G-Box here)
In addition, AIGAIO RCB in collaboration with TOSLON and Lucky, pioneers in the field of wireless depth measurement and underwater mapping, now offers you the opportunity to acquire, at special prices, among their models so you can choose the one that suits you and will take not only your fishing, but your business to another level. Apart from the models that provide the possibility of depth metering, fish detection, etc., we can also perform 3D bottom mapping, Data Logging, Sidescan Mosaic, Waypoint Management, and many other applications!

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