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NEO S is the fastest model of Aigaio RCB models. That makes the difference in the NEO S is the powerful motor that doubles the speed compared to NEO R.

Innovations at Aigaio RCB never stop! So once again, we have made a difference with our new innovative model, NEO – S. The innovative design of the R/C boat combined with its low weight; is the ultimate tool an amateur is looking for! After six months of design and continuous testing we have completed a hull that combines high speed and very low consumption allowing incredibly long range with a single battery charge!
The dynamic design and the absolute watertightness of the boat allows its use under any weather conditions since even if the boat capsizes, it returns to its normal position. The NEO-S control panel is equipped with a display that shows the percentage of the range of the vessel, providing the operator with a very high level of safety!
Also, the NEO-S is equipped with a fail-safe loss prevention system which, in case our boat goes out of range, directly stops the motor operation and does not unhook the line or the towing line. Thus, the operator of the boat can in this case either pull the boat or recover its range by simply watching the rate on the display of the remote controller!
After continuous updating from the manufacturers of remote controllers, we equip our boats with the latest generation of remote-control systems, which offer a range of more than 600 meters and zero risk of parasitic signals, since they use 100% digital transmission.
The batteries of our boats are of lithium technology (LiPO), which in combination with their low weight, long duration and the digital speed regulator are the key to the high autonomy of the boat, offering the fisherman the ability to throw up to 15 baits at 300 meters with one charge, while there is an option to increase autonomy.
– Very high cruising autonomy.
– High engine performance.
– Ultimate rudder control
– Low operating temperatures of the motor and ESC
The hull of the NEO S was designed and developed by AIGAIO RCB with the aim of increasing the efficiency and low consumption of the engine, ensuring up to 40% more autonomy. The new hull, like all AIGAIO RCB boats, is made of polyester with more reinforcement in its vulnerable points providing great resistance to impacts from rocks, stones, etc. The metal parts used in the construction of the boat as well as all the screws are made of stainless steel, aluminium and brass providing long life and high resistance to sea salt.
The new innovative NEO-S is a remote-controlled vessel that innovates in many ways and promises to become the ultimate tool in your hands!

Thanks to the new innovation from AIGAIO RCB, you have the ability to monitor from the screen your remote control, the distance of your boat from the coast, the coordinates where it is, the course in relation to the compass, the battery, the power of the remote-control signal, and much more! And you can see all this for any remote-controlled boat you own! 

In addition, AIGAIO RCB in collaboration with TOSLON and Lucky, pioneers in the field of wireless depth measurement and underwater mapping, now offers you the opportunity to acquire, at special prices, among their models so you can choose the one that suits you and will take not only your fishing, but your business to another level. Apart from the models that provide the possibility of depth metering, fish detection, etc., we can also perform 3D bottom mapping, Data Logging, Sidescan Mosaic, Waypoint Management, and many other applications

Technical details

Length 90cm

Width 35cm

Height 28cm

Weigth 4.5kg

Motor 2000 watts

speed controller FLYCOLOR

Battery LiPo 10.000mAh 4s 25C

Battery voltage on RC screen

Safety system FAIL SAFE

RC range 600+m

Waterproof 100%

 LED Lights

Speed 10+ knots

Battery duration 10+ baits to 300m

Propeller protection

RC release bait system

LiPo charger 4s LiPo – 3Amp /220V

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