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The best tools for fishing and more..


Get to know our products and discover the technological
excellence and the quality of our baitboat models.

The best tools for fishing and more...


Get to know our products and discover the technological
excellence and the quality of our baitboat models


Neo R

Innovations in Aigaio RCB never stop! For one time, we made the difference with our new innovative model, NEO - R. The new hull design in compination with low weight and high speed is the ultimate tool for fishing and more! After six months of design and continuous testing, we have completed a hull that combines high speed and very low consumption, allowing incredibly high autonomy with just one battery charge!


The NEO S is the fastest of our models. What makes the difference in the NEO S is the high powerful motor and ESC. The innovative design of the boat combined with its low weight, is the ultimate tool that fisherman want!

P3 Aegean GPSF

The new P3 Aegean GPSf is the "tool" that will make you winner in every fishing battle! Equipped with many innovations, such as the three-phase motor (brushless) 1200 watts, the digital servos 25kg and the digital automatic return to home unit GPSF in combination with its improved hull allows you to use it under any weather conditions with no fear !

P4 Aegean GPSf TP

P4 Aegean GPS Twin Prop is different baitboat ! It is a rc boat that does not accept compromises and is ready to do its job under any conditions! With two Brushless (three-phase) motors of 1400 watts,and the combination of many technological innovations, P4 Aegean Gps Twin Prop is the ultimate fishing tool for fisherman! The specially designed hull offering absolute stability in all weather conditions under low and high speeds even in big waves!

P2 CarpJet

Fishing bait boats includes remote controller, bait boat, sonar fish finder, GPS and boat batteries . All parts are manufactured under international standard and very mature after long time use in market selling. Fishing bait boat ensures stable quality and features , help carpfishing anglers casting bait and fishing hooks inbig reservoir. Fishing bait boat hull material is ABS and has different color. Also could customized color to meet anglers requirements.

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About us

With 25 years of experience in the manufacture of robotic systems and 15 years of experience in the manufacture of remote-controlled boats, we are able to cater for both amateurs and professionals!


RTH systems, long range UHF rc systems, hydrographic surveys, G-Box are some of our inovations. With this philosophy we are pioneers, always taking a step forward !!


In AIGAIO RCB manufactures all models with the best and highest quality parts of the market, selecting leading companies, ensuring high quality construction, providing the user with the ultimate tools for the sea and fresh water use!


In collaboration with the Archipelagos Marine Research Institute, we have build the first autonomous surface vehicle ASV AEGEAN ASV3 in Greece.



Welcome to AIGAIO RCB

As the founder of Agaio RCB and creator of its products, I welcome you to our page. Here you will find specialized remote controlled boats for your hobby, as well as for the professional field.

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The G box is here to make a difference in our fishing! Thanks to the new innovation from AIGAIO RCB, you have the ability to monitor from the screen your remote control, the distance of your boat from the coast, the coordinates where it is, the course in relation to the compass, the battery, the power of the remote-control signal, and much more! And you can see all this for any remote-controlled boat you own!


The GPSF automatic return to shore system is what characterizes the Aigaio RCB boats. The GPSF unit gives the operator the confidence required as the boat can now return to shore on its own when the remote control goes out of range or by simply pressing a button on our controller. Also, in the unit there is the LBF system, which in case the battery of the boat reaches 30%, then the lights of the boat flash to alert us about its low battery!


Aigaio RCB is now an official partner of TOSLON and LUCKY for Greece and Cyprus! AIGAIO RCB in collaboration with TOSLON & LUCKY, a pioneer in the field of wireless depth measurement and underwater mapping, now offers you the opportunity to get your depth sounder among the models that suits you and take not only your fishing, but your business to another level.

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Carp fishing with .....

P2 CarpJet


The new P2 CarpJet is the ultimate freshwater fishing boat with the most innovations in its class. Some of its unique features include a built-in depth gauge in the controller, autopilot, up to 30 points in GPS memory, its is capable of carrying 6kg of load, has a multifunctional controller. The boat is made of durable ABS plastic and all metal parts are stainless steel. The boat is driven by two three-phase motors offering quiet operation and low consumption. The two compartments of the boat have the capacity to carry up to 6 kg of groundbait with the possibility of selective distribution on our fishing area. Moreover, the new P2 CarpJet is equipped with two release mechanisms giving the angler the ability to cast two baits at the same time in two different places in a single run!

ASV boat


With 25 years experience in the construction of robotic systems and 15 years experience in the construction and development of autonomous and RC boats, in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Protection “Archipelagos”, we built the first autonomous robotic boat (autonomous surface vehicles ASV) AEGEAN ASV3 in Greece, to help to recording and exploration of sea life.

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