Aigaio RCB

BaitBoats Accessories.

In the huge and constantly growing market of remote-controlled vehicles, drones, boats, etc. we can now choose, from a huge range of products, the appropriate components to equip any type of Radio controller vehicle, on land, in the air but also in sea. In AIGAIO RCB, guided the quality, the reliability of our products, we constantly try to be informed about all the latest news around the components that equip all our models and to choose the best and the most suitable

As part of our continued efforts to better serve our customers, we provide the ability to choose the installation of different accessories such us, powerfull motors, HV speed controllers, high torque servos etc. For the reason that there are no limits in the sector of RC boats.

Brushless motors 

 1000W to 7000W

Speed Controllers ESC

50A to HV250Α

Digital Servo’s

7kg to 50kg of torque

Long range RC radio’s

0.5km to 40km


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